Customized Speech Therapy Approaches

Hands-On Approach

The “Hands-On Approach” focuses on what the child wants to play away from the computer screen.  The child doesn’t register there is a computer screen so the interaction is only between client and family member. The parent is asked to follow the child while carrying their phone or tablet and the speech therapist and parent works as a team to create opportunities to elicit language or feeding goals based on what the child wants to play. Therapy can be at the playground, trampoline, eating, or bottle feeding with this approach. Research shows an engaged child will elicit more language.


Online speech therapy is more then just looking at a computer screen. In this video, the father and therapist worked together to teach the new concept “in” and “out” when eliciting talking opportunities for his daughter in her fort.

Online speech therapy can be anywhere! In this video, the father and therapist worked together to teach the new concept “stop” and “go” while his daughter rode her favorite motorcycle around the house. Fun and interactive activities can make anyone want to talk!

The “Hands-On Approach” provides a coaching model of therapy to empower parents to encourage vocabulary, grammar, speech clarity through play. In this particular video the father and therapist worked together to elicit the verb “eating” through food play.

Traditional Approach

The “Traditional Approach”  involves engaging online activities for school age children or adults. The speech therapist can give remote access to the client for hands-on use. The speech therapist picks activities online that interests the individual. Online examples could be Peppa Pig activities, pretending to feed a monster, decorating a pizza, reading stories, or typing activities. The online activities target language and pronunciation goals.


Online speech therapy can be fun, engaging, and can create lasting friendships through learning.

The “Traditional Approach” is what you make of it. The therapist has the ability to use a variety of engaging online modalities to elicit learning. Please excuse this therapist’s whiteboard drawing!

The therapist can use a split screen format to show two different documents up at the same time with remote access. In addition the therapist has annotation capabilites to draw over each document for optimal hands-on learning experience.

Hybrid Approach

 The “Hybrid Approach,” is a mixture of the “Hands-on” and the “Traditional” online approach to therapy. Typically the child or adult will socially interact with the therapist and recognize the therapist is on the computer screen through different therapy activities.  

During the “Hybrid Approach,” the speech therapist may switch between interacting with objects in the individual’s environment or use online activities within the same session or over different sessions. The speech therapist chooses the approach for optimal child and adult engagement in therapy. The therapist isn’t doing their job if the therapist has to ask the client to walk back to the computer screen!

In this short clip, the child was excited to create a necklace with her therapist on the floor. In this particular situation, the therapist was targeting the verb “took” as the past tense use of “take.”

In this short clip, the child had a lot of energy  so the therapist integrated exercise into therapy to teach -ing verbs (e.g. jumping jacks) and past tense verbs -ed (e.g. jumped). After filming, the girl was asked to jump, crawl, and leap while practicing different grammar rules.

In this short clip, the therapist used hands-on objects engaging to the child in the home. The therapist practiced open-ended questions and the use of adjectives to describe her breads for increased communication and vocabulary inventory.

In this short clip, the therapist practiced naming food in a fruit category and complete vocabulary building activities using items in her environment. Afterward the therapist asked the child for some fruit and the girl pretended to feed the therapist her food.

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