I hesitated to write this post because I knew at that moment I would get emotional Mrs.Liz is an amazing person people would tell me my daughter has no hope because of her disability Mrs.Liz took her time with my daughter and treated my kid as if it was her own she made a huge impact on our lives by giving us goals My daughter is now talking and can give me sentences and can identify things and say big words I didn’t know she knew of. I will miss Mrs.Liz she has been with me for my child development I really wish she was here because we are truly a family. I will always love Mrs.Liz because the love my daughter has for her after each session my daughter give Mrs.Liz an emoji ❤ to express her love. Wherever Mrs.Liz is at I demand she gets treated with alot of respect because she is a respectful person and will always keep your feelings in mind she is a Queen an awesome person to work with and always on time you can count on her she is reliable. #BestSpeechTherapistEver