{Words cannot express how thankful I am for the awesome experience I’ve had with Mrs. Liz as a speech therapist for my son, I can say that she Loves her job, she is highly skilled and truly cares for her patients. I see the patience and dedication she gives to my son in every virtual therapy session, She is the best, I truly recommend Mrs. Liz and healthy speech solutions.{
Vanessa Alas
{Liz is a highly skilled and passionate speech therapist! She has extensive knowledge in feeding and swallowing (and more!), and provides quality services in evidence-based practices while also making therapy fun. Liz helps her clients engage in therapy and stay motivated until they reach their goals. I highly recommend Liz Patton, M.S., CCC-SLP, with Healthy Speech Solutions!!!{
Hannah Caron
{Liz is an innovative Speech Language Pathologist who is knowledgeable about practice across the life span, and is compassionate and caring towards her patients and their caregivers.{
Georgianna Dolan-Reilly
{Liz's patience and dedication to her patients are impressive, always ready with a smile and new and tailored ideas to help them succeed.{
{I found Liz online to assist with issues with one of my parents were having after they had some medical issues. I was there for the initial consultation and Liz is super helpful and very patient. She took the time to review the issues and concerns and explain the process. You can tell Liz really likes what she does and cares about her patients. The online platform is extremely convenient and Liz makes you feel like you’re sitting face to face. I would recommend Liz to anyone who is in need of speech therapy.{
Jonathan Roth
{Dealing with end of life eating issues is painful for both the loved one and the family. I am now walking this path with a second elderly loved one. Liz has been a very important and compassionate guide. Swallowing evaluations, safe food suggestions and feeding options based on declining ability were hard to understand until Liz. She is straight forward, honest and incredibly supportive. I have never felt pressured regarding the various options presented. I highly recommend Healthy Speech Solutions.{
Meg Beck
{Liz was kind, passionate and very informative. She gave great advice and instruction in a non pushy way. She offered multiple solutions to different issues. She answered our questions thoroughly. Our little one has had a cough for 5 months now and our pediatrician referred us to a speech pathologist. I highly recommend you see her or speak with her before doing anything invasive too quickly with your little one.{
Laurie Sims
{Liz is not only a highly trained and skilled speech pathologist; she is a compassionate listener. She truly cares about seeing her patients achieve their highest potential, from eating their favorite foods to communicating with their loved ones. Liz goes above and beyond to ensure each patient receives personalized care, and she always does it with a smile!{
Lindsay Hunt
{My 3 month old son was taking three times as long as a normal baby to eat and was obviously struggling. My concerns were not listened to by anyone else I encountered, but Liz’s experience as a speech therapist saved us. She taught us some adaptations and how to strengthen his suck and exercises to improve his suck/swallow coordination. The first time she saw us, she said something that has stuck with me 5 years later “Feeding is supposed to be enjoyable and bonding for the mother and the baby. I’m so sorry you guys haven’t had that experience. We are going to work hard to change that.” Those words made all the difference for us, I felt understood and I felt hopeful for the first time since I realized something wasn’t right as a newborn. And he started to improve. Now he is a big, strong boy who eats just fine.{
Deborah Patti
{As a parent new to Virtual therapy this has been a awesome learning experience I must say that Liz has made this most challenging time seem so easy and fun. I never thought I would’ve been able to cope with my son doing virtual speech therapy at only 3 years old but she has made is possible with using his surroundings and parent interaction she has made this experience as smooth as possible. With her excellence and what she has taught me I have been able to help my son at home as well and for that I am thank full!!!{
Meka Swanson

Liz Patton, MS, CCC-SLP

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist

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