{Ms. Liz is outstanding! We have seen tremendous growth in our sons speech since working with Ms. Liz. She is SO patient and understands that kids have good days, and bad days, like everyone else. She has tons of interactive options that our sons loves, or he can bring his own toys to the sesssion. We love the fact that Ms. Liz not only teaches our son, but she teaches the us (the parents) how to help in everyday life. Outstanding experience every session!? We're looking forward to working with Ms. Liz for as long as possible{
Ronda A.
{My Therapist Elizabeth Patton is phenomenal. I started services in January and see so many improvements within myself. My communication skills are definitely progressing each time we speak. . My family, Significant other, and my friends even told me they see the difference while communicating to me. Our goal for myself is to eventually not need Therapy at all and we started at 3 session a week now we’re at 2 times a week then it’ll be once a week 😬😬🙌🏼 So overall I’m so glad I ran into this platform, idk where I’d be if I haven’t!! Thank you so much Liz you are appreciated.{
Diamond Williamson
{How has Liz "helped" me with my speech "impairment" incurred from cancer surgery? That may take me hours to describe to you. After being diagnosed with advanced oral cavity (tongue) cancer this year (2022), I began weekly, online therapy with Liz. Being a retired healthcare provider, I have high standards. Liz met those and FAR SURPASSED them! Her skills amazed me; she was ALSO able to coach and support me in every aspect and fine detail to this quest of my "new normal". She was a speech therapist, teacher, advisor, instructor, coach, and consultant. My progress was due to her patience, wisdom and sense of humor.{
Tom Murphy
{I hesitated to write this post because I knew at that moment I would get emotional Mrs.Liz is an amazing person people would tell me my daughter has no hope because of her disability Mrs.Liz took her time with my daughter and treated my kid as if it was her own she made a huge impact on our lives by giving us goals My daughter is now talking and can give me sentences and can identify things and say big words I didn't know she knew of. I will miss Mrs.Liz she has been with me for my child development I really wish she was here because we are truly a family. I will always love Mrs.Liz because the love my daughter has for her after each session my daughter give Mrs.Liz an emoji ❤ to express her love. Wherever Mrs.Liz is at I demand she gets treated with alot of respect because she is a respectful person and will always keep your feelings in mind she is a Queen an awesome person to work with and always on time you can count on her she is reliable. #BestSpeechTherapistEver{
Goodroune Saint-aude
{Words cannot express how thankful I am for the awesome experience I’ve had with Mrs. Liz as a speech therapist for my son, I can say that she Loves her job, she is highly skilled and truly cares for her patients. I see the patience and dedication she gives to my son in every virtual therapy session, She is the best, I truly recommend Mrs. Liz and healthy speech solutions.{
Vanessa Alas
{Our experience with Healthy Speech Solutions was exceptional. From the initial interaction through our very last conversation, Liz did an amazing job keeping me informed of every step in my daughter's speech journey. One of the best parts for me was her ability to truly give me language tools as the parent to help even when we weren't meeting. I was able to incorporate those tools into daily activities and I truly feel like my child flourished. Her speech and social interactions have improved significantly. I appreciate how knowledgeable Liz is. Not only did she offer tools, but she explained the "science of language" in a way that makes sense. I'm honestly sad that we're moving on because she's really great at what she does.{
Alexis Hawkins
{I would highly recommend Liz and Healthy Speech solutions for any speech therapy needs. It's convenient to your home so your child is comfortable, she's extremely patient and very flexible. It takes a while to find a good therapist to work with your child, but with Liz, you have the perfect fit.{
Wendy Hardman
{OMG! Liz is above and beyond the greatest! Not only does she help my child speak and learn more language words she teaches me tasks to gain more knowledge to help my daughter. She’s fantastic in every way! She’s so patient and got my daughter out of her comfort zone. I recommend Liz hands down. Love her so much!!{
Kelli Whittaker
Liz has been wonderful with our son. He came to her struggling with one major sound (vocalic R) and she helped him tremendously. She was super kind, loved to engage him in topics that were interesting to him, and was awesome with reminders and being flexible with scheduling if need be. I’d highly recommend Liz and Healthy Speech Solutions!
Pat Conley
{Hands-down the best Speech Therapy experience we have ever had. I noticed that our son was speech delayed-in 2021. We recently relocated to North Carolina and we initially tried the traditional face-to-face speech therapy like we were doing in the previous state we lived in but we decided to give Liz a try because the physical location of the Speech Therapy establishment that our son was going to was too far from our home. At first, I didn't really know what to expect from virtual speech therapy. However, Elizabeth has exceeded our expectations. We loved our other speech therapist but we have seen the most progress in the shortest amount of time working with Elizabeth. Another thing that we love is that we practice conscious and gentle parenting and she believes in child-led play. That was huge! We recommend Elizabeth 110%! Thank you for all that you have done and thank you for all that is to come.{
Hope Frazier

Liz Patton, MS, CCC-SLP

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist

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