Pediatric Speech Therapy Services

Online Speech Therapy for Children

All children master the ability to speak, think, eat, and drink at their own pace. This results in a wide age range that’s considered normal for certain speech, language, and feeding milestones.

A speech therapist has the ability to identify types of pronunciation, language, and feeding problems and find the best way to treat them.

Pediatric Pronunciation

Producing speech sounds correctly requires both knowing a desired speech sound and learning to coordinate the speech muscles. These capabilities can make your child easier to understand. 

Pediatric Language

Children with a language disorder may have trouble understanding what other people are saying or expressing their own needs and feelings.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Mealtimes are usually a bonding experience for children and parents. Unfortunately, for some families, mealtimes can be a source of stress due to latching, chewing, and swallowing problems. The child may benefit from a feeding evaluation to see if feeding therapy is recommended.

pediatric feeding therapy

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Children can require feeding therapy to make the entire process of accepting food, eating, drinking, chewing, and swallowing safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

Pediatric Bottle Feeding Therapy

The ability to bottle feed safely and efficiently involves the ability to suck, swallow, and breathe appropriately. When there is a breakdown in the feeding mechanism, a newborn may experience choking or prolonged feedings and refuse the bottle. A therapist will work closely with the newborn and families for a more positive feeding experience.

Is Speech Therapy for you?

What are common frustrations heard by speech therapists?

Language Frustrations:

  • “My child doesn’t talk like their peers.”
  • “My child doesn’t like to play with others.”
  • “My child never looks at me when I call their name.”
  • “I can’t understand my child’s speech.”
  • “I can understand my son but others tell me they can’t.”
  • “My child has tantrums. The preschool thinks it’s because my child isn’t talking yet.”
  • “Teachers say my child is falling behind in English class.”
  • “My child fights going to school every day.”
  • “Should my child be able to read letters and sight words yet?”
  • “My child is stubborn and will do only what he wants to do. Nothing else.”

Feeding Frustrations:

  •  “My child coughs during meals.”
  • “My child has chronic shortness of breath during meals.”
  • “My doctor can’t figure out why my child has a chronic cough.”
  • “My child is a picky eater and will only eat baby food.”
  • “My child will cry if food is on the plate.”
  • “My baby’s bottle feeding can take up to an hour per feeding.”
  • “My baby is a messy bottle feeder.”
  • “Mealtimes are so stressful for everyone.”
Who can benefit from speech and language therapy?

Language Therapy:

Age Length of Sentences % of Sentences Understood by Strangers
2 1 to 2-word sentences 50% understood
3 3-word sentences 75% understood
4 4-word sentences 90% understood
5 5-word sentences 100% understood
  • Does your child say less than 40 words by age 2?
  • Does your child stutter when speaking?
  • Does your child have problems identifying common items or following simple commands?
  • Does your child have fuzzy thinking?
  • Does your child prefer to play alone or avoids eye contact?
  • Is school difficult for your child?

Feeding Therapy:

  • Does your baby have difficulty latching or sucking to bottle?
  • Does your baby have messy bottle feedings?
  • Does your baby feed longer than 30 minutes?
  • Does your child gag or visually choke during meals?
  • Does your child have concern for reflux or constipation?
  • Does your child have weight gaining difficulties?
  • Does your child eat only baby food by 18 months old?
  • Does your child only drink from a bottle by 18 months old?
  • Does food stay in your child’s cheeks 30 minutes after meals?
  • Is mealtime stressful for the child or parent?
  • Is your child a picky eater during meals?
  • Does your child have history or current use of a feeding tube?

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